Jochen Schuemann will be present, when will we see Sir Ben Ainslie do the same?

DSC_6788Jochen Schuemann has won three Olympic golds and one silver medal. In 1976 he grabbed his first gold in Finn, the next was at the helm of a Soling. He came very close to beating Valentin Mankin or equalising with Paul Elvstrom, but the winds decided otherwise. He will have stood almost as tall as Sir Ben Ainslie, who still holds the highest Olympic ranking with four golds and one silver. Schuemann has also been victorious in the America’s Cup with Alinghi in 2003 & 2007 and today enjoys racing in the Offshore Maxi Esimit Europa 2 and on other big boats. On German waters, he stays sharp by sailing on Star, Soling,
Dragon and J / 70 Bundesliga, representing his Berliner club. End to end, he has spent almost 100 days on the water and still finds time to work as a consultant. The Berliner’s vision of success mixes intuition, competing with the best athletes, mastering new technologies while trusting the people of his team and managing expectations. The Finals are SDSC_6793chuemann’s first trip to the Bahamian archipelago, whose ideal wind conditions will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.
At his last Star Sailors League race in October, Schuemann stood out as he slid ahead of his fellow German Stanjek. We got a small glimpse into what we might see in the SSL Finals, with a good chance that we will find the 4-time Olympic medallist in the ¼ Finals.


Five Reasons that convinced Jochen Schuemann to participate in Nassau:
– I rather got pulled into it and I am very proud to get the chance to sail in the SSL Finals.

– A great initiative to present some of the worlds best sailors in one class – the Star class

– A unique event to race and meet best friends.

– Starboat sailing is a new but late challenge for me

– The fantastic venue – sailing in the Bahamas – never been here before!

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