Know the Sailors: Hamish Pepper

Hamish Pepper, born Auckland, New Zealand. Highest SSL Ranking: VIP

Hamish has represented New Zealand at four Olympic Games, twice in the Star Class and twice in the Laser. In 2006 Hamish won his Silver Star at the North American Championship and went on to win the Star World Championship the same year. In 2007 Hamish was ranked ISAF No.1 Star Sailor in the world and remained in the top ten for three y2006worldspepperears. Away from the Star, Hamish has enjoyed tremendous success in numerous classes including the Farr 40 & Farr 30 Class winning World Championships in both disciplines. A former World Match Racing Champion, and medallist in the TP52 Class. Hamish has also been part of three America’s Cup teams. This will be Hamish’s first SSL Final and he will be arcing as a VIP with a previous winner, Bruno Prada.

SSL: If you weren’t a sportsperson, what would you be?

HP: A developer. As I have a interest in building houses and renovating.    

SSL: What is the greatest sacrifice you have had to make in order to achieve success?

HP: Stay away from my wife and kids.

SSL: What kind of a person makes you angry?

HP: Crews that want to be skippers.

SSL: What kind of person makes you happy?

HP: Good crews that could be skippers but are crews to make me look good.

SSL: What was is your favourite memory from sport?

HP: Russell Coutts 1984 olympics, He won gold in the last race sailing with a nappy on to protect his boil.

SSL: If you could invite someone for dinner, who would you choose?

HP: Jennifer Lawrence (Actress, Hunger Games).

SSL: How many Gold Medals or World Championships is ‘enough’?

HP: Never enough.

SSL: A child aAlt_IMG_0154sks you if Santa Claus is real, what do you say?

HP: Of course he’s real ! I still keep getting my presents under the Christmas tree. And I use the Santa excuse to buy myself really nice toys I like.

SSL: If you could have a super hero special power what would it be?

HP: See into the future and do some good with it…… like winning the SSL Grand Finals.


1-6 December 2015 – The third edition of the SSL Finals will take place in Nassau, Bahamas

All SSL events use a qualifying competition followed by a knock-out system. Teams take part in the qualifying rounds, which is a series of races over three days. The top 11 teams progress to the knock-out stage, which has four stages. In one-off races teams are eliminated, until just four teams remain to contest the final. The winner takes home a big slice of the $200,000 Prize Purse.

Watch all the action live from the Star Sailors League Final. With expert commentary from special studio guests. On the water, the latest in hi-tech camera technology, as well as Virtual Eye 3D Graphics, will provide thrilling viewing. Armchair sailors can also join the race with Virtual Regatta.

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