SSL Awards explained: the Andrew Bart Simpson Memorial Trophy


After Andrew Simpson’s tragic death in 2013, the idea of creating a trophy honoring his memory quickly became self-evident. Andrew Simpson’s friend and Swedish sailor, Anders Ekström imagined and designed it by thinking of the kind of person that Andrew was.

The Andrew Bart Simpson Memorial Trophy is given to the crew who is leading the Star Sailors League Crews Ranking. Every time a crew gains leadership of the ranking, he is honoured with the Andrew Bart Simpson Memorial Trophy. This honour may well be passed from hand to hand, during the course of the season. At the end of each year, all of the sailors who have led the ranking will have their name engraved on the cup, as well as the number of weeks in top position of the Star Sailors League Crews Ranking.

Bart Trophy Presentation_Anders Ekstru00F6m

Two names were engraved on the trophy last year: Andrew Simpson (GBR) and Bruno Prada (BRA). This year, before the Star Sailors League Finals only one sailor had the honour of holding this trophy: Bruno Prada is SSL crew number 1 for more than 100 weeks

All these names are engraved on the Andrew Bart Simpson Memorial Trophy:

2013 BRA Bruno PRADA 4
2013 GBR Andrew SIMPSON 13
2014 BRA Bruno PRADA  52
2015 BRA Bruno PRADA  40
2015 USA Brian FATIH  12
2016 BRA Bruno PRADA  48
2017 ITA Sergio LAMBERTENGHI  10
2017 FRA Pierre-Alexis PONSOT

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