Day 3 Race 9 of the Qualifying Round – Highlights

In this final and deciding race in the qualifying rounds, no one wanted to be left behind. So much so that there were 2 false starts with general recalls, the jury even pulling out the I flag. Off the line it was juniors Lawrence and Revkin in front, followed by Loof and Ekström. Most teams played conservatively and stayed near the center.

The two leading teams battled for the wind and the Swedes managed to get the upper hand just as Stanjek and Olesen slid in between them before the downwind gate. Behind them, a tremendous battle ensued between Scheidt/Prada and Negri/Lambertenghi, which saw the Brazilians go forward to seize the second place.

Honourable mention to Junior who, in spite of his freshly injured hand, did not relent and kept on going with his Bahamian teammate Pritchard.

At the end of these 9 qualifying races, three gruelling days of intense sailing, we now have our top 11 who will move on to the Grand Finals:

  1. Loof/Ekström [SWE] – 26 pts
  2. Scheidt/Prada [BRA] – 28 pts
  3. Mendelblatt/Fatih [USA] – 38 pts
  4. Negri/Lambertenghi [ITA] – 42 pts
  5. Zarif/Boening [BRA] – 55 pts
  6. Rohart/Ponsot [FRA] – 55 pts
  7. Polgar/Koy [GER] – 61 pts
  8. Kusznierewicz/Zycki [POL] – 62 pts
  9. Stanjek/Olesen [GER] – 70 pts
  10. Gaspic/Sitic [CRO] – 71 pts
  11. Scott/Milne [GBR] – 76 pts

Remember that Loof and Ekström qualify directly for the semi-finals, and the remaining 10 will fight for the other 6 places during the quarter finals tomorrow.

GMR_5546 GMR_5520 GMR_5504 GMR_5440 03/12/2014, Nassau (Bahamas), Star Sailors Leage 2014, Day 2

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