Quick talk with Johannes Polgar after the crash with Giles Scott

“It was a classic racing situation. We were approaching the top mark in race number 8 on the lay line, being on the starboard tack and we had Giles Scott coming in port and he was steaming really hard. I think last second he decided not to tack under because it was pretty tight.”

“Probably it was too late. I don’t know if his back stays weren’t eased and he just couldn’t make it round out stern and he went straight into us.  He slid up our hull and his bow went straight through our mainsail which ripped and then the boom got damaged. Luckily, I hope (we have to check now) the mast seems to be fair enough and fine. So yeah, we had to stop straight away and save everything. We couldn’t continue racing.”
“He accepted his fault right away. He retired from the race. He apologized. For sure it was disappointing to be not able to finish the race. The conditions were fantastic. The wind picked up again. I think we’re on 20-22 knots now. Brilliant, just brilliant racing. Especially downwind. You’re steaming down the waves, you know. And working it really hard. I just hope the conditions will continue for tomorrow and we’ll see a super, super hot final.”

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