Day 3 Race 8 of the Qualifying Round – Highlights

Conditions changed in this second race of the day, the current and wind coming together and some rainclouds making most sailors choose the right half of the course in the first upwind. The clouds passed in the second half of the race and conditions favoured those on the left, meaning strategy was key in this round.

A strong race for Brazilian teams Scheidt/Prada and Zarif/Boening, staying in the top 5 throughout the race and finishing in 1st and 4th respectively. The fight was long between Scheidt/Prada and the Polish duo Kusznierewicz/Zycki, with the Brazilians pulling away in the last leg and the Poles scoring the 3rd place.

After a very poor start for Loof and Ekström, one of the last boats at the top mark, they climbed through the ranks leg after leg and, incredibly, snatched the 2nd place. This performance places them at the top of the qualifying ranks.

The Greeks stayed away from the pack at each leg, sailing their own course in search of a lucky wind that never came. Mendelblatt and Fatih had a lighter performance than yesterday which might cost them the pole position. The Brits Scott and Milne abandoned the race after causing considerable damage to Polgar and Markus’s boat and making them abandon the races for the day.

The current standings have been shaken up and the pole is still up for grabs after this penultimate qualifying race.


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