Mark Mendelblatt at the end of Day 2

You are leading the fleet with an advantage of 10 points. How did you manage this?

It really was a great day. It was one of our best days together in the Star, for me and Brian. Everything felt good today. We had really good speed and our starts were good. We managed to get in the top group, at the top marks. And we had good downwinds which has always been our weakness so we are really happy with the day.


What was your secret weapon for getting today’s result? Tactics?

It’s not so much tactics. Today was probably boat speed. We were going very fast today. You know the wind is shifting and we made some mistakes on the shifts and we did some right but speed was our weapon today.


You have almost qualified but you still need to finish all the races. What’s your plan for tomorrow?

It would be nice to win the qualifying series because then you go straight to the semi-finals and I know Robert wants it also so we’re going to try and sail our best tomorrow like we did today. And if Robert can beat us then good for him. I know he’s going to sail well too but we’re going to do our best tomorrow.

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