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LIVE Stream for the 2014 SSL Finals: FAQ

When will there be something to watch?

Everyday from December 3rd to 6th (7th if the knock-out races can not take place on the 6th) from 11 AM Nassau time. This means:

  • 8 AM on the West Coast of the US
  • 11 AM on the East Coast of the US
  • 2 PM in Brazil
  • 4 PM in England
  • 5 PM in Central Europe
  • 4 AM in New Zealand one day later (from 4th to 7th of December)

Can I be easily notified when the race is about to begin?

Yes! Just download the Livestream App on your smartphone and follow the Star Sailors League account. You will then receive a notification right in your pocket when the LIVE is on.

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Will the LIVE only consist of 3D graphics as last year?

No! This year we bring the coverage to another level in collaboration with 3 main actors of the broadcasting world: ProActive TV, Amis Productions and Virtual Eye. These are rock stars of the sailing broadcast world. The last two even won an Emmy for their coverage of the last America’s Cup! The stream will be a mix of LIVE images from the race course, 3D views to better understand the strategic moves of each team and analyse what is going on, interviews with the team sailing to get their impressions and a lot of other things.

We will have Louay Habib on the water to comment along with the onshore team of Digby Fox and Gemma Care. They will also host a special guest every now and then to bring another point of view in the analysis of the races and make it even more interesting for you!

What do I do if I miss the action?

You have somebody looking right over your shoulder in your office or you just have too much work to be able to watch? No problem, we have the solution.

  • If you want to replay the whole LIVE, just go to the event webpage through the LIVE link in the navigation menu at the top of this page or directly on Livestream and replay the show of the day.
  • If you want the short version you will just have to wait the next day morning to discover the Highlights on all the channels of the Star Sailors League (Facebook, Website, Livestream, …).

I have a question about the SSL or the races or the team or … What do I do?

We know sailing is not always easy to understand or you may simply have a question about the racing format or the big guy hanged on the side of the boat. Don’t worry, Mr Digby Fox is here to answer you! You can use the hashtag #askDigby on Facebook or Twitter to ask him anything you want. The odds that he will be able to answer right away are pretty high but if it would not be the case, we would find out for you!

You can also simply comment the event page on Livestream and we will answer you right away!


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