Digby Fox and Loick Peyron

Mr. Fox or the voice of the Star Sailors League

No doubt you could distinguish his voice in thousands. Mr. Fox is since the beginning the voice of the Star Sailors League and one of its greatest asset. Saying that the man has many aces in his hands is an euphemism: producer, director, cameraman, editor, journalist, photographer and commentator for many of the biggest sailing events in the world.

Having worked on the America’s Cup 2007, 2010 and 2013 and sailed more than 65,000 miles, Mr. Fox is definitely a sailing addict and his expertise on broadcasting is widely recognised.

Never running out of good ideas and new ways to show the world the passion he has for sailing, Digby is continuously trying to improve the quality of the content he produces. In collaboration with the SSL Media Team and our partners, ProActive TV, Amis Productions and Virtual Eye, Digby has set up of the best show olympic sailing will ever seen. Live pictures from the water, 3D tracking for in-depth analysis and strategy commenting after the regattas without forgetting VIP invitations to talk about the races or sailing in general: the program of these 4 days of broadcasting is rich and I doubt you will ever feel bored listening and watching at this incredible fleet racing in the incredible bahamian waters.

As with his colleagues, Mr. Fox is always ready to answer any of your questions so if you have anything to ask, use the hashtag #askDigby on Twitter. We’ll make sure to forward it to Digby, which will do whatever it takes to find the best answer he could give you!

One more thing: the man holds, aboard Banque Populaire V (now Spindrift 2), the record of the Fastnet in multihull in 32 hours and 48 minutes.


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